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American Insurance Organization is always seeking talented sales managers. If you possess leadership skills and have a desire to build and manage a team of your own, we have an opportunity for you. Our motto has always been “Helping agents build agencies!”

We allow agents to recruit and build a team from day one. If you know someone who would benefit from the opportunity here at American Insurance Organization, we welcome you to invite them to an opportunity webinar. If the agent comes on board, he/she will be placed in your hierarchy. Depending on the commission level they come in at, you have the ability to earn an override from that agent immediately. If you are looking to take it to the next level and build a team, we will train you to be able to provide the proper support to agents in your team.

The advantage to building a team with AIO is that you will have access to a support team that will provide the complicated services of commissions, licensing, agent support and more. This enables you to stay focused at your recruiting efforts.

We conduct daily recruiting webinars. This will essentially automate your recruiting process. Simply sign someone up and you’ll be notified when the person attends. Once the webinar ends, the agent you referred will be automatically emailed information explaining the next step of getting contracted with AIO.

As you can see, we make building a team much more simple. Just think of American Insurance Organization as your personal assistant!

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