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American Insurance Organization (AIO) is one of the largest health & life insurance wholesalers in the country.  We strive to provide our agents access to the most reputable carriers available. We are enthused that many of the nation’s most productive agents and agencies put their trust in AIO.

Company Founders

Our company was co-founded by Michael Zitzke and John Pequeno.  Together they boast a combination of insurance, technology, and business development expertise.   We have found that combining this knowledge has greatly increased the productivity of our Agents.  We are constantly discovering new ways to help our become more successful sales people.

Past & Present

American Insurance Organization was built with the agent in mind.  After all, we were once a small agency ourselves.  Up until 2007 we were an small Wisconsin based agency with under 10 agents.  In September of 2007 we introduced our current agent/agency sales program.  This model has been vital in helping us become the fastest growing agency in the country.  In just a few short years we have grown to over 1400 agents today.

AIO currently operates a full-service agent / agency support center located in Allentown, PA.  This allows us to provide top-quality service and training to our agents and agencies.

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The health insurance industry has went through many changes in the past year. While many agents are struggling to adapt to the post healthcare reform world, we'll show you how to achieve more success than ever. Most health insurance agencies have...

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