Health Insurance Reform and Agents

The Health Reform bill (HR 3590), which was signed into law by President Obama on February 23rd, 2010 has forever changed the health insurance industry in many ways. With all of the talk from news outlets, the government and the insurance companies themselves, there’s plenty of confusion among health insurance agents.

Many agents are worried that their services won’t be needed. Well don’t panic just yet. Health insurance sales will remain a viable business. American Insurance Organization has reviewed the Health Reform bill by reading it top to bottom. In this article we will provide an easy explanation of the bill, expected time line of implementation, and how the bill will affect insurance agents, consumers and the carriers. This review will cover parts of the bill that are relevant to the insurance industry. It does not cover parts of the bill relevant to the delivery of health care.

We hope that by reviewing the information provided below you will find that the health reform bill offers a tremendous opportunity for those agents who are in position and prepared to take on the changes.

There are currently 47 Million Americans uninsured, and this bill will mandate, and in some cases subsidize those individuals to purchase insurance. This more than doubles the size of the Individual Health Insurance marketplace, and opens a new opportunity for agents focused on providing quality service to their clients.

American Insurance Organization will provide weekly updates to our agents about changes related to health care reform. These updates will be accessible through secure communications with our agents. If you wish to join American Insurance Organization, please click on Join AIO in the top menu and we will contact you shortly to schedule a confidential interview with you.

* American Insurance Organization is not an authority on legislative law. The summary views and opinions given on this site are not meant to be interpreted as the law, instead they represent a consolidated understanding of the Health Reform legislation and the impacts it will have on the Health industry. It is your responsibility to verify anything that is presented on this site with the appropriate authorities. Links have been provided at the bottom of this page for you to access the full text of the approved legislation.

Health Reform Summary Materials:

Additional Health Reform Reference Materials

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